Stop Hillary Group Releases Hard Hitting And Revealing Anti-Hillary Clinton Video

The Group Ramps Up Efforts and Expands The Team To Hold Hillary Accountable and Stop Her At All Costs

WASHINGTON, DC – Stop Hillary PAC, the first active anti-Hillary PAC to organize, releases its initial anti-Hillary video. The shocking video, found at, will tell people who Hillary is, not who she wants the public to believe. It will spotlight Watergate to Benghazi… and other scandals that follow the far-left Bill and Hillary Clinton machine. Stop Hillary PAC’s sole objective is to beat Hillary Clinton, and stop the liberal creep on the Constitution.

Today there is not a more powerful, well connected politician in America who threatens to do real harm to the American way of life than Hillary Rodham Clinton. Hillary Clinton is the liberal standard-bearer of the next generation of radical policies, and Stop Hillary PAC is committed to saving America from this destructive far left, liberal cancer that is trying to transform America.

“There is no doubt Hillary Clinton is running for president and American can’t afford to wait until 2014 or 2016 to stop her and the liberal machine,” said Ted Harvey, Stop Hillary PAC Honorary Chairman. “We will go wherever she goes and do whatever it takes to stop her and take a stand for America’s future.”

Additionally, earlier this week Stop Hillary PAC announced five members of the organizations who will be critical in stopping Hillary Clinton and holding her accountable wherever she goes and whomever she supports. They include Honorary Chairman Ted Harvey, National Spokesperson Garrett Marquis, Political Director Alex Shively, Operations Director Jacob Lewis, and Treasurer and General Counsel Dan Backer.

“A vast number of Americans are concerned for their rights and the threat of another Hillary and Bill Clinton White House,” according to Garrett Marquis, National Spokesperson for Stop Hillary PAC. “We’re listening to those Americans now, and when the time is right we will have anti-Hillary TV commercials in Iowa, radio ads in Virginia, and anywhere else needed to stop Hillary”

Stop Hillary PAC will be active in stopping Hillary at any time and anywhere else she goes in support of a candidate or for her own campaign. As a hybrid-PAC the organization will stop Hillary through grassroots, advocacy, and advertising, while also supporting targeted candidates through donations.

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About Stop Hillary PAC: The PAC was created for one reason only – to ensure Hillary Rodham Clinton
never becomes President of the United States. Hillary Clinton is the liberal standard-bearer of the next
generation far-left machine, and we will hold her accountable wherever she goes and whomever she supports.
We can’t survive more Obama-era radical liberal policies that are implemented by a Bill and Hillary Clinton
team back in the White House. See more at