The Stop Hillary PAC Team
Ted Harvey, Honorary Chariman

As the son of a Vietnam era fighter pilot Senator Ted Harvey has an undying passion to preserve the freedoms and liberties that generations of men and women have sacrificially secured for this nation. Ted’s father flew 110 missions in Vietnam; he was one of the first 20 men to fly twice the speed of sound. To Ted his father was larger than life. Unfortunately, his fathers life was cut short by a heart attack at the age of 38. Still, his love for this country and his conservative ideals remain very much alive in Ted and in the lives of his brother and sister.

Ted grew up in Colorado Springs where he completed his undergraduate degree from Colorado State University and a Masters from the University of Colorado at Denver’s Graduate School of Public Affairs. Colorado is his home, and he proudly served in both its State House and State Senate.

He did depart from Colorado briefly – for an opportunity that changed his life and future.

In 1987, at the age of 22, Ted received a political appointment to serve in the White House of President Ronald Reagan. Those were revolutionary times in our nation’s history: a Reagan Revolution. Our nation had endured Vietnam, Watergate, the hostage crisis… and Jimmy Carter. Our economy was in shambles and our confidence and pride in tatters. When, thankfully by the grace of God, the conservative movement led by Ronald Reagan, took control of the White House and saved a nation and a world that was lost and without hope. The Reagan administration dedicated itself to defeating the Evil Empire, slashing an oppressive tax system and stimulating an economy that had spiraled out of control. In the face of universal criticism, Reagan’s passionate and uncompromising vision was eventually realized. He liberated a billion souls behind the Iron Curtain. He jump-started the greatest economic boom in history, and he placed a shining America upon a hill, illustrating to the world the face of a nation built upon freedom, virtue and character.

This is just one reason why Ted is so committed to ensuring that Hillary Clinton never becomes President of the United States.

Ted returned to Colorado empowered by the vision of the Reagan Revolution and committed to defend the foundational values of our nation.

He quickly secured a staff position in the Colorado House of Representatives as the House Reading Clerk. After two years, Ted became the Program Director at the Independence Institute, a conservative Colorado think tank. Following several years in the private sector Ted took a position as the District Office Manager for Congressman Joel Hefley. Then in December of 2001 through a vacancy election Ted realized a long time dream of being elected to the Colorado House of Representatives. He was blessed to be re-elected in both 2002 and 2004, and was then elected to the State Senate in 2006. In addition to his years in public service Ted has over 14 years of experience in the mortgage banking industry.

Garrett Marquis, National Spokesperson

Garrett Marquis is a principal at Prism Group, a political and public affairs firm based in Prague, CZ with a satellite office in Tel Aviv, Israel, and Washington, DC, where he resides. Prism Group’s practice in Central and Eastern Europe includes work with political parties, heads of states, and international corporations. The firm’s practice in the United States is focused on PAC management, political strategy and public affairs. Visit for more information on the firm.

Internationally Garrett has advised political parties and heads of states in countries including Bulgaria, Czech Republic, and worked in Oman on behalf of The White House. Domestically he has worked for two Presidential campaigns, counseled three U.S. Secretaries, consulted to the GOP Convention, worked in the Senate for John McCain, and advised statewide campaigns. At the Ronald Reagan Presidential Foundation his team won the 2012 PR Weekly Nonprofit Campaign of the Year and 2011 PRSA Nonprofit/ Corporate Communications Campaign of the Year awards for the Reagan Centennial initiative.

A native of California, U.S.A., Garrett holds a Master of Public Administration and a Bachelor of Arts in International Relations from the University of Southern California. He also is a member of the leadership team for Maverick PAC, a nationwide young professionals’ political action committee.
Alex Shively, Political Director

Alex Shively joins the organization with a wealth of campaign and political experience. Having run a number of campaigns, his extensive background and success in grassroots organization, community outreach and strategic communications have earned him success at all levels including statewide and presidential elections, as well as on Capitol Hill.

In addition, Mr. Shively has served in Congress for over a decade as a senior advisor in both the House and Senate, where he demonstrated significant policy and legislative expertise on a wide range of issues both domestic and international.

Mr. Shively continues to be on the cutting-edge of public policy, working with candidates and coalitions, to more effectively communicate positions and better organize local activists to participate in the legislative and electoral process. His background in management, as well as in developing, communicating and executing winning policy initiatives and legislative strategies, combined with keen political savvy help give the organization a leg up.

Dan Backer, Treasurer and General Counsel

DB Capitol Strategies PLLC provides legal, strategic, and operational guidance to political organizations with a focus on PAC treasury and FEC reporting and compliance through its principal attorney, Dan Backer. Mr. Backer holds a Bachelors in Political Science from the University of Massachusetts Amherst, a JD from George Mason University School of Law, and a Masters Certificate in PAC Management from George Washington University. In 2009, Mr. Backer earned the Professional Lobbying Certification (PLC) from the American League of Lobbyists.

Mr. Backer is admitted to practice law in Virginia and Washington DC, and before the U.S. District Courts for the Eastern & Western Districts of Virginia and Washington, DC. Most recently, Mr. Backer was lead counsel in the groundbreaking Carey v FEC case, which won the right for all non-connected grassroots PACs to engage in both candidate contribution activity from amount and source restricted funds and Independent Expenditure activity from unlimited contributions from any individual, corporation, or union.

Mr. Backer has previously served as a legal policy analyst and subject matter expert in military and overseas voting for the Department of Defenses’ Federal Voting Assistance Program (FVAP). Mr. Backer has extensive experience with public policy and advocacy programs, grassroots organizations, and political action committees, and is Treasurer, Assistant Treasurer, or Counsel to numerous PACs.