Here's how it works: You sign the petition and we'll add your name to a super-cut of our TV ad "So Help Us" as a special sponsor and petitioner of Stop Hillary PAC.

You name will appear -- along with thousands others -- on a jumbo screen welcoming Hillary to her book signing. Hillary and every attendee will see your name as they enter the event! The event is only hours away, so do not delay and add your name now!
Stop Hillary PAC was created for one reason only - to ensure Hillary Clinton never becomes President of the United States. The American way of life is under attack and Hillary Clinton is the liberal standard-bearer of the next generation of liberal creep on our Constitutional rights. We are committed to saving America from this destructive far-left, liberal cancer that's trying to transform America. The bottom line is America can't survive more Obama-era radical liberal policies implemented by a Bill and Hillary Clinton team back in the White House. Let's stop Hillary Clinton now, together, before it's too late. Because in 2016, it will be too late.